What is a One-Frame Exhibit?

Simpler rules have been introduced

A One-Frame exhibit is simply an exhibit that fits in one display frame - 16 sheets - and only needs that amount of space to show all significant aspects of the topic.

Exhibits may be more than one frame, and multi-frame exhibits are typically 5 or 8 frames. A One-Frame exhibit should show a subject that only needs 16 sheets - one frame - in order to cover all important aspects of the topic. If your topic is too broad to be shown fully in one frame, it may loose some points - but see below for recent changes to Australian rules for scores up to 74 points.

One Frame exhibits can be in any of the international (Federation Internationale de Philatelie - FIP) classes (except Literature), and also any of the Australian National classes. See https://apf.org.au/classes/ for more information.

Each Class describes rules for specific types of material. For example, the Traditional Class describes details for exhibiting postage stamps, Picture Postcards describes the rules for exhibiting postcards, and Topical describes the rules for showing material on a specific topic such as cats, bridges and so on.

There are also some simple rules for guiding a One-Frame exhibit in any class.

If you want to create an exhibit, you must decide into which class it fits, understand those rules and also read the One-Frame class rules. There are both FIP One-Frame rules and a short National guideline that modify the FIP One-Frame rules to make them easier for new exhibitors.

Recent changes to the One-Frame Rules make the class more approachable for new exhibitors

In August 2022, the International rules for the One-Frame Class were amended. Restrictions on showing specific types of material such as a single stamp from a set have been removed.

One of the most difficult aspects of this class for new exhibitors is understanding whether their topic can be properly shown in just one frame or if more frames of material would be needed. This might not be obvious until a fair amount of research has been undertaken.

To assist inexperienced exhibitors, Australian rules have now been developed which remove the penalty for One-Frame exhibits where the topic needs more than one frame to deal with all important aspects. This penalty is up to 5 points and will not be applied in Australian exhibitions to exhibits scoring 74 points or less.

At a mark of 75 points, exhibits are eligible to be submitted to International exhibitions where only the FIP rules apply. So as to avoid any problems when Australian exhibits are taken overseas, at Australian exhibitions, the up-to-5-point penalty will be applied when an exhibit scores 75 points or more.

To assist new exhibitors to understand how to improve their exhibit, judges will be asked to provide constructive critiques and explain any issues with the scope of the exhibit. The National One-Frame guidelines say In all cases where a One-Frame Exhibit could be shown in more than one frame, the exhibitor should be advised in feedback this is the case.

The FIP and the Australian National One-Frame Guidelines can be downloaded or viewed here:
New Guidelines for Judging One-Frame Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions - 9 Aug 2022
National Australian One-Frame Guidelines - 24 Sep 2022

A note about exhibition paper sizes

Australian exhibition frames cannot accommodate standard A4 paper. Sheets that are slightly wider and shorter than A4 must be used. A detailed article on paper sizes for exhibits can be viewed here:
Exhibiting - Display Sheets.

Where to from here?

For more information, we suggest you talk to an experienced exhibitor. You can buy your exhibit paper at the APF store. If you have any questions or would like further advice please feel free to contact the Toowoomba Stamp Show

(Based on an original article by Peter Allan, Tasmanian Philatelic Society (2023).)